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Best Health Products Company in Marketing Industry

This video is a quick introduction to the best health products company in the marketing industry. Whole Wellness Club has been the world leader in marketing health products to people since the company started in 2007. The products are designed to help people with common health concerns.

For the past eight years, it has been exciting to wake up and realize that I don’t have to get in a vehicle and drive anywhere to go to work. With snow & ice in the forecast here today, I am very grateful to be working from home.

Did you know as a Whole Wellness Club member, you also have a very powerful home based business. Here are just a few of the main points to realize.

1. High Quality Whole Food Health Products

2. Worldwide Business with All Websites & Marketing Systems at No Charge

3. Outstanding Customer Support

4. Five Business Calls Each Week with the Owner

5. Free Access to Dr. Chappell Every Wednesday Evening


The company has researched and introduced products that meet common health challenges that people face. The very first product was the Medicinal Detox Tonic known as VelociTea. The tonic cleans the inside of the body including all the major organs like the Colon, Kidneys, Liver, and Lungs.

There are digestive and systemic enzymes that each have their own specific purpose. The Peak Digestive Enzymes help break down your food so that the body can easily absorb the nutrients from the food you are eating. The Peak Systemic Enzymes help with your bodies circulatory system and helps the immune system.

Caldera Greens is a whole food mineral rich product that is loaded with vitamins also. The greens are grown on volcanic soil in Utah. People get a noticeable surge of energy by using the vegetable juice powders found in the Greens.

Coral Complex 3 is a complete minerals product that gives the body the proper balance of calcium, magnesium and all the other minerals you need for good health.

Invite a guest to the call today. This is the phone number that will get you to a live business call.

360-952-3089 enter 530312 # when prompted for a pass code. Calls are held at 11:00 Pacific Time on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday mornings. There are night time calls on Tuesday & Thursday at 19:00 Pacific time or 7 pm if you are not familiar with Universal or Military Time.

You can also use this website to locate a local phone line in your city. There are phone lines available in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the USA.

Instant Teleseminar Phone Lines

Enter the Bridge number 530312 # when prompted for a pass code.

When your customers are rewarded with cash for sharing products with other customers, you have a powerful system that will duplicate as soon as you share the ‘good news’ with other people. There is a world that is starving to hear Good News. Most people need our complete product line to live a healthy life. Most of the world needs additional income each month.

Here is a website that has much more information about the company, the products and how customers are rewarded when they share products with other customers.

Whole Wellness Club