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2 Weeks Using Molecule X Product

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This post describes the results I am getting after using the Molecule X Product for 2 weeks.

What Is Molecule X ?

Dr James Chappell

Dr James Chappell

Advanced Naturopathic Medicine
Optimum Health & Longevity
All Natural Health Elixir
Evidence Based & Clinically Proven Dietary Supplement
A Plant Based Micelle Nano Particle Molecule Infused with Specific Zeta Enhanced Aqueous Solutions to Effectuate Human Life Forms for the Purpose of Achieving Optimum Health and Longevity. – © 2015 by Dr. James Chappell

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size : 1/4 teaspoon
Servings per bottle: 96 (32 day supply)
Dose: Adults take 1/4 teaspoon mixed in eight ounces of distilled water or juice, three times per day.

My Personal Testimony

molecule-xFor many years, I have struggled through each day. A mental health professional diagnosed me with Depression back in 1999. Every human being is different ( Thank God ! ) and our body chemistry is also different. A certain amount of people suffer from depression.

When I started using Molecule X, a subtle difference was apparent to me after just one day. I noticed that my ability to stay focused improved dramatically. Tasks that I normally dreaded to undertake became easier.

Each week I buy a fresh whole pineapple and core it into 8 sections that I can freeze and have ready for my Caldera Greens smoothie each morning. The first and second week after using Molecule X found me happily in the kitchen doing what it takes to core the pineapples.

Writing blog posts, making videos, attending webinars and presentations in the naturopathic medicine business are all tasks that are now easier for me to focus on. Staying focused on what your tasks are is so important in today’s world because of all the distractions that are demanding our attention. Molecule X helps people have more mental clarity and more energy.

My personal schedule of taking the 3 servings each day is:




I like to finish drinking fluids around 16:00 each day so I do not have to get up too many times at night to use the restroom.

When I am ready to go to sleep at 22:00 hours each evening, I am able to lay my head down and drift off into sleep rather quickly. I only had trouble the second night when I must have put in more than the 1/4 teaspoon serving size of the Molecule X product in my glass of water.

A long time friend of mine called me and I almost did not recognize his voice. Patrick has struggled with some major health issues. He sounded like he did when I first met him in 2005. Patrick told me that he noticed a large difference in his mental clarity & energy level. He is very knowledgeable about Naturopathic Medicine and is excited about the Colloidal Silver and the full spectrum minerals that are in Dr. Chappell’s new product.

Here is a short recorded call that has Dr. James Chappell talking about the product, the research behind the formulation and how it works.

Dr. Chappell Explains Molecule X


The link below is a pdf file with more details about Molecule X:

Molecule X Brochure


You can register as a Preferred Customer for free and purchase the Molecule X on my site below:

Buy Molecule X


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