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Hope your summer is going well for you. Have made a new video for you About Toxins  and have included it below. The fire season is difficult where I live in the Pacific Northwest. I noticed the air quality has been very poor lately.

If you are concerned about toxins in your air, food, and water, this short video will help you.

I do not think our world as we know it is ever going to be as pristine as it once was so dealing with toxins is a major health topic for all to be aware of if you care about your health & well-being. Every human being is impacted by the dirty air, chemicals & pesticides that are sprayed on our food as well as toxins in the water.

When the plane I was on had taxied off the gate to go get in line for take off out of Atlanta, Georgia, I was overwhelmed by the toxic air that was in the cabin. One of my favorite activities is going to a hike out in Nature on the Sabbath Day with friends & family. The further out into the country I can get the better chance I will have to breathe in fresh air. Fresh air is a health restorative.

We can use machines to filter our water & help the body with proper hydration. Sometimes you will not have access to a machine so you will be taking in the chemicals that the local municipal water supply adds to the water to kill off bacteria, etc.

If you want to try a free week of the medicinal tonic that will help cleanse your body, go to my site below & request your week.

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Call me Weekdays if I can be of service to you !

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