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Stand Up for Better Health

Get Up Out of That Chair !


Health Tip Many People Can Use

Recently learned a valuable health lesson from a man that walks a treadmill at a slow speed while being in front of his elevated laptop computer.

ComputerStation 300x225 Stand Up for Better HealthHere is a photo of the old setup I had with Google television player, computers, printer and flat screen television.

For many years now, I have sat down in front of a computer. I like to read blogs and other information that is on the internet. I also am an avid reader and like to sit on my couch to read. Thankfully I have been exercising since 1998 so I have not had a weight problem even though I was a couch potato except when I was out for my bike rides or daily hikes. There is nothing wrong with taking a day and sitting in church or at meetings where it would be impolite to be standing while everyone else is sitting.

Studies show that moving impacts the length of your life. You will improve your health and have a better quality of life.

You can even go search out a used treadmill to see if you can walk slowly for an hour or more each day while working on the computer.

While standing, make a conscious effort to have correct posture. Take some deep breaths to get more oxygen into your body.

In just one afternoon of using this health principle, I already notice that I have used my legs more today and look forward to a deeper sleep tonight. My new health goal is to stand for six days each week ( Sunday through Friday ) and take it easy on the Sabbath Day.

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